Established in 1991, the Copper River/Prince William Sound Salmon Harvest Task Force (SHTF) is a bi-annual meeting of regional salmon fishery stakeholders and leaders. The meetings are chaired by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game regional leadership and open to the public. These meetings mark the success of a task force effort that will continue to foster long-term proactive communications between ADF&G management, industry leaders, Area E fishermen, and other stakeholders.
     The SHTF has no authority of its own but is recognized by industry and the Commissioner of the Department of Fish & Game as a body working to represent the interests and objectives of the commercial fishing industry and fisheries stakeholders in the Prince William Sound and Copper River salmon management area. The key objective of the SHTF is to develop and make recommendations to the Department regarding fisheries management plans.

Salmon Harvest Task Force Members

Current Voting Members:

  • CDFU Gillnet Division

  • CDFU Seine Division

  • Prince William Sound Set Net Association, President

  • Prince William Sound / Copper River Fish & Game Advisory Committee, Chairman

  • Trident Seafoods

  • Ocean Beauty Seafoods

  • Copper River Seafoods

  • Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC), General Manager

  • Peter Pan Seafoods

  • Icicle Seafoods

  • Silver Bay Seafoods

  • North Pacific Seafoods - Inlet fish Producers (NPSI)

  • Valdez Fisheries Development Association

  • Native Village of Eyak

  • Copper River / Prince William Sound Marketing Association

Honorary Non-voting Members:

  • Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

  • Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Meeting Chair: 

  • Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Regional Management

Meeting Announcements

October 11th 2019, 9 Am at the COrdova Center

The next Salmon Harvest Task Force meeting will be held on October 11th at 9 AM at the Cordova Center. CDFU will provide live streaming through our Facebook page. We encourage all participants to reach out to their gear group representative with questions or concerns to be addressed at the spring meeting. You may also submit any suggestions or questions to this meeting through the form at the bottom of the page.

Agenda and Meeting Packet available here.

September 19th 2018 

A live video is available through the CDFU Facebook page. Please contact us with any questions and concerns.

  • Recommendation: ADF&G Gillnet manager should adjust the in-river escapement goal, as needed to the extent practical.

  • Recommendation: ADF&G work with CDFU to reinstate the Eshamy Weir project.

  • Recommendation: The ADF&G PWS seine manager position needs to stay in Cordova.

  • Public comment will be held at the beginning and end of meetings. Comments will be limited to three minutes.

  • A by law committee was established to meet at least 3 times this winter.

April 20th 2018

A live video is available through the CDFU Facebook page. Please contact us with any questions and concerns.

  • Recommendation: In the event of a strong chinook salmon run ADF&G will follow the Copper River Chinook Management plan. 

  • The Copper River Marketing Association is now a voting member of the task force.

  • The Native Village of Eyak was added to the task force.

  • There will be 5 voting seats for processors and 2 non-voting seats, these seats will rotate through annually. 

  • Silver Bay Seafoods and North Pacific were brought in as members of the task force. They currently maintain the 2 non-voting processor seats.

October 5th 2017

A live video is available through the CDFU Facebook page. Please contact us with any questions and concerns.

  • ADF&G was made a non-voting seat but will continue to chair future task force meetings.

  • The board will send out solicitation to PWS and Copper River subsistence seat interests to be addressed at the next meeting.

  • Task force members formed a committee to develop a rotating processors seat chart to address letters of interest from processors. 


Cordova District Fishermen United is currently serving as the organizational lead for the SHTF meetings. CDFU solicits recommended agenda items and topics or questions from Area E fishermen, processors, and stakeholders. Please complete the form below to submit your suggestions or input for the task force members and future meetings. If you have specific questions about the task force, or wish to be considered as a new voting member, please submit your inquiries via the form below. 

Thank you!