Navigating BOF & Supplemental Documents

The Board of Fisheries (BOF) process is surprisingly easy to engage, this page is meant to assist fishermen in navigating meetings, submitting proposals and comments as well as opportunities to testify. CDFU attends and monitors all BOF meetings in order to ensure that our fishermen and Area E fisheries have the greatest possible representation at BOF.


The Board of Fisheries

The Board of Fisheries is comprised of seven members who serve three year terms. These members are appointed by the Governor and then approved through committees in the Legislature before taking a seat on the board. Members are required to be non political and unbiased in their decision making. Get involved involved in these meetings and follow fishery announcements, as many proposals can affect fishing area, time, method and allocation.

Proposals & live meetings

Proposals for Statewide King and Tanner crab general provisions and Hatchery items, 2019-2020 are due April 10th!

The CDFU Executive Director and Board of Directors want to hear from you. If you have proposals to submit or questions on a specific proposal please use the button below to submit your inquires to the board. Feel free to call the office (424-3447) or stop by as well. If you cannot attend BOF meetings you can listen live from the comfort of your boat, home, or office.



Public comment & testimony

BOF comments can be submitted through their website on the online comment form. On line submissions is an easy way to submit your comments and makes sure the board receives them on time for full consideration.

Public attending the meetings can sign up to testify during the Committee of the Whole. This is great opportunity for you to have your voice heard! CDFU holds workshops prior to these meetings to help compose or assist in writing testimony that you want to give.

Emergency Petitions

Emergency petitions may be submitted by any participant in fisheries of Alaska to the BOF outside the cycle of scheduled meetings. Emergency petitions can be submitted by the public to the board of fish through out the year. CDFU participates in these meetings and addresses petitions through the public comment process. Sign up for BOF meeting and proposal announcements to stay up to date.


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Regional Planning Teams

Regional Planning Teams are an integral part of drafting and approving Hatchery Management Plans across the state. Each region has its own planning team that deals with hatcheries within their scope. These meetings are open to the public and we strongly encourage fishermen participate in these meetings! Learn about the RPT and participate, Cordova will be hosting the PWS RPT meeting this spring April 17th!