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A larger membership base provides our fishery a stronger united voice in political arenas like the Board of Fisheries and state legislation. Membership dues are a taxable business expense that allow CDFU to continue advocating for your livelihood. Members will be informed of policy and opportunities for involvement within political arenas that have the potential to affect their small business.

CDFU works through different channels and across various platforms to represent commercial fishermen in Area E, including: state/federal legislation and policy, all Board of Fisheries meetings, and local issues and events like the Salmon Harvest Task Force. The support of our members is critical to our advocacy for fishermen and allows us to pursue our mission of protecting Area E fisheries. We look forward to representing you in Alaska’s political arenas.

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Permit Holder Membership
Base Memberships are required before joining divisions. As the Herring fishery is not currently active, the base membership has been waived for that division.
Permit Holder Division Memberships
Join the divisions in which you have permits to support those specific funds, and have voting rights. Monies donated to the divisions stay there, and go towards supporting the issues those gear groups face.
Crew Membership
For those who do not yet have permits, but want to support the cause! Crew memberships do not come with voting rights, and their contribution supports the organization overall
ADD ON DONATIONS ( donations are in $25 increments )
Contributions directly fund the navigational markers inside the barrier islands to the flats
Contributions go towards stipends for families to purchase plaques, and maintenance of the park at the South Harbor
Contributions go towards local scholarships for those pursuing secondary education, and young fishermen to attend the Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit
Contributions go towards upriver relations and allocation issues
Supports sending a representative to lobby on CDFU's behalf in Juneau during the legislative session