State Legislature & Policy Engagement Resources

CDFU is the leading advocate group for the Area E commercial fishing fleet representing permit holders who participate in Northern Gulf water fisheries, Prince William Sound Fisheries, and the Copper River salmon Fisheries. This page Intends to help fishermen begin navigating State Policy process and provide key resources to developing future political engagement in issues affecting our Area E fleet. The Alaska State Legislature and your Local Legislative Information Officer have additional in depth resources.


Who are your representatives?

The first step to being involved in the politics affecting your livelihood is to know who is representing you. Knowing who your legislator is can provide you will good information on whats happening in Juneau and also allow you to contact them and submit comments on pertinent issues.

What is an LIO?

A Legislative Information Officer (LIO) is a state employee who works to provide information and assistance to your local community in engaging with state issues. Your LIO provides information on legislation, testimony opportunities, how to contact your representatives and much more. If you haven’t already sign up for your local LIO newsletter do so today!

Importance of joining your regional Advocacy group

Advocacy groups have direct contact to politicians most often through a lobbyist. Its important to note that lobbyist and interest groups are very different in the roles they play when it comes to policy. Learn more about CDFU and how we represent your fishing interests.

Addressing your Legislators

When contacting your representatives you may have wondered how to address them. Your local LIO and your local advocacy group can help you with drafting letters or you can access the State legislators resources. Keep communications as sweet and to the point as possible to have an impact on your legislator.


When can I comment on Bills?

Bills, once read for introduction in their respective house, are passed to working committees for review and consideration. A bill can be amended in these committees through public comment, telecom testimony and through amendments provided by legislators. The House Special Committee on Fisheries is critical in determining legislation that affects many parts of the commercial fishing industry. You may also directly contact your legislator through several avenues before a final vote is cast on a bill.

Writing your legislators

Writing your legislators is vital to becoming an advocate for your fishery. Representatives want to hear form you! Engaging the political process through communications with legislators is an easy first step, even if you have no issues to write about, it is highly encouraged you sign up for their newsletters. You will be informed on bills your representatives are working on as well as opportunities to meet with them in person. Write your legislator today!

Public comment & testimony

Public comments can be quickly submitted online through the Alaska State web site by filing out the Public Opinion Message Form (POM). You may also comment on issues and legislation by emailing, calling or faxing a legislator directly. Teleconference testimony is available through your LIO office and is a great way to have your voice heard.