CDFU Scholarship Program

Who can apply?

Applicants seeking further education in any field that fit one of the following categories:
Members of CDFU, and their immediate family; and/or Graduates of Cordova High. 
Note, preference will be given to CDFU Voting Members and their dependents and those applicants who have not been awarded a CDFU scholarship in the past.

Scholarship award information

Applicants will be competing for one of 3 scholarships as follows:

1 x $2,000 award ~ Robert H. Blake Memorial Scholarship
1 x $1,000 award ~ General CDFU Award
1 x $500 award ~ Steven R. Smith Memorial Scholarship


Scholarship selection process 

An appointed CDFU Scholarship Selection Committee will complete the final review, scoring and awarding of scholarships.
All applications will be reviewed using uniform review criteria (see page 6 of application packet).
The selection committee is made up of a variety of non-biased community members. Judging is based on the application
only, and personal associations or prior knowledge of any applicants are not taken into consideration.  This is not a means based
scholarship. Incomplete applications will be instantly disqualified.

When are applications due?

Applications must be postmarked, emailed or submitted directly to the CDFU office no later than April 8, 2016.
Late or incomplete applications will be instantly disqualified. 

When will awardees be announced?

All awardees will be notified in a letter by mail advising of the status of their application.  Awards for Cordova residents may be
additionally announced during the Cordova High School graduation ceremony in May.

Robert H. Blake Memorial Fund ~  $2,000

Established in 2009, a scholarship award of $2,000 will be given to the highest ranking scholarship applicant each year.
Robert H. Blake was heavily involved in commercial fisheries. His significant achievements include over a decade of service
as President of Cordova District Fishermen United and the Cordova Aquatic Marketing Assocation, and the formation of United
Fishermen of Alaska, where he also took the position of President for quite some time. This award is a tribute to his diligence
and efforts with moving our seafood industry into the future.
(Photograph courtesy of Bob Martinson)

CDFU General Award Scholarship ~ $1,000

This scholarship is made possible because of the support of the Cordova community of families and fisheries industry businesses
that support this CDFU Scholarship program through generous contributions during the biennial Fish Prom Education Program fundraiser. 
Trident Seafoods has supported CDFU's education programs with a $10,000 match since 2008, which has allowed this program to thrive. 
The Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association has contributed steadily since 2010 along with the community and fleet.
CDFU is proud to offer our thanks to the many partners whose contributions allow us to contribute to the continued education of the youth
of the PWS/CR commercial fishing fleet. 

Steven R. Smith Memorial Scholarship ~ $500

This scholarship is established in memory of longtime PWS fisherman, and CDFU advocate, Steve Smith. 

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Download, complete and return an application packet by April 8, 2016.