State Legislation


Who are your representatives ?

Knowing your representatives is one of the first steps to getting involved. Your representatives are public servants and they want to hear from you! There are multiple opportunities to converse with your state representatives.

Who is your Legislative Information Officer ?

Legislative informations officers (LIO) are based in or near your town. LIO’s provide newsletters, updates, and alerts to community members through out the legislative session. They also provide you information and access to publicly testimony opportunities and much more.


Public Opinion Message (POM)

Public Opinion Message forms are a quick and easy way to send correspondence to your representatives. You can send a POM via the mail or email as well as online through the states websites. The Public Opinion Messaging System allows you to send a 50 word message to some or all legislators. The system matches information from your voter registration when sending these messages. This is a great time to make sure you information is accurate an up to date.

Teleconferenced Public Comments

Teleconference Committee meetings are one of the ways you can participate in the early stages of policy making. Your local LIO will send you alerts and provide resources for you to listen in and provide testimony to these meetings.