• Anchorage, AK

Cooperative Research — strategies for integrating industry perspectives and insights in fisheries science


Fishermen and industries engaged in marine resource extraction are invested in understanding the status and trends of marine ecosystems and targeted resources. These industries are also well positioned to contribute to, support and inform marine science. Individuals involved in those industries have direct interest in and knowledge of marine resource dynamics. The intent of this symposium is to explore effective strategies and approaches to integrate industry perspectives and insights in fisheries science. Effective cooperative research between scientists and industry requires identifying questions of joint interest, determining effective means to collaborate and leverage resources, skills, and insights, and processes to facilitate the integration of data and perspectives to inform interpretation and application of results. This symposium aims to provide a forum for discussion on ways to facilitate effective cooperative research, a platform for scientific talks on the application and results of cooperative research, and opportunity to evaluate how such research might be best envisioned, applied and implemented. The symposium aims to involve participants from a variety of relevant marine industries, address these issues through facilitated discussion, identify best practices, and articulate a set of case studies for effective collaboration. The symposium also aims to involve scientists from a wide range of sectors, including state and federal agencies, universities, research institutes and industry science. We are interested in perspectives from different contexts and systems, including international work in this area.