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Hatcheries a vital part of Alaska’s fisheries

- By Jerry Mccune

Summer is here, and salmon are returning to Alaska's rivers. Boats stream out of our harbors while Alaskans ready their sport rods, dipnets, and subsistence nets to take part in the annual harvest. Amid this swirl of activity runs another current that is far less enjoyable — the swirl of fish politics. The current topic of discussion, misinformation, and debate is Alaska's hatchery program.

Seafood harvesters group opposes bill focused on recreational fishing

"A new bill focused on recreational fishing has drawn strong opposition from the nation’s largest organization of commercial seafood harvesters.The Seafood Harvesters of America  (which CDFU is a part of) claims that the bill would hamstring federal regional fishery councils’ ability to manage the fishery sector and most species, while also limiting the ability to innovate new solutions to overfishing."

Published by Portland Press Herald, 10th of Apr. 2017

North Pacific council takes first step in creating salmon plan

"A lot of new faces are coming to the table at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, and not a lot of them are happy about it. Fishermen who had never previously been involved with the council now have to show up to have a hand in how their fisheries will be incorporated into a federal fishery management plan, or FMP."

Published by Alaska Journal of Commerce, 7th of Apr. 2017

BOF approves PWS tanner crab harvest strategy

"Harvest strategies for tanner crab fisheries in Prince William Sound have been approved by the Alaska Board of Fisheries, clearing the way for commercial, sport and subsistence harvests when the crab meet abundance thresholds. Proposal 268, submitted by Cordova District Fishermen United to the Board of Fisheries, amends regulations for Tanner crab in Prince William Sound specifying conditions under which the commercial fishery may occur and establishes a sport fishery for Tanner crab there as well, when the threshold level is reached for mature male abundance."

Published by the Cordova Times, 30th March 2017

Cordova fishermen join Seafood Harvesters of America

This week Cordova District Fishermen United, a non-profit focused on Prince William Sound, became the newest member of the Seafood Harvesters of America, which now represents 17 commercial fishing organizations.

“The addition of CDFU brings with it notable leadership in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. CDFU is an exceptional organization; we are thrilled to work with them,” said Chris Brown, the chairman of the association, in a press release. The Seafood Harvesters of America is a better group for their inclusion. " We share the core values of resource stewardship and accountability. We are traveling on the same pathway towards a great American fishery.” 

Published by National Fishermen, 15th of Sept. 2015