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Get involved in CDFU

By Ezekial Brown

A piece on why fishermen should get involved with our organization and how one of our board members came to join us and has been extremely active in our mission. 

"As commercial fishermen there are many things outside of our control; weather conditions, the natural cycles of wild stocks or occasionally getting corked. The political economy of fishing and fishing rights however is one arena in which we can make our voices be heard."

"That is why I have been a member of Cordova District Fishermen United since I first bought into gillnetting seven years ago. CDFU has been advocating for commercial fishing rights and the individuals in Cordova’s community for over 80 years. This past year I joined CDFU’s board of directors in order to become more involved and, after testifying at Board of Fish in December, I feel as though a strong advocacy group for fishermen is more relevant and necessary than ever before."