Fish PAC

Political action Committee

Commercial fisheries depend on elected officials understanding the importance of the seafood industry to Alaska’s economy. This FishPAC enables the offer of financial support to campaigns for candidates running for any State Office. The FishPAC works to ensure commercial fishing allies are at the head of the decision making tables.

Only individuals can contribute to FishPAC. If your fishing business is incorporated, FishPAC cannot except a business check - you must write a personal check. FishPAC can accept contributions from sole proprietorship business accounts, but the business name must contain the words “sole proprietorship”.

Donation Options

[ ] $500 [ ] $250 [ ] $100 [ ] $50 [ ] Other amount

Donations must in the form of a check and paid to the order of CDFU FishPAC.
Please mail contributions to CDFU at PO Box 939, Cordova, AK 99574
Submit your disclosure information below, or print this form and include it with your donation.

Alaska Residents:

You may contribute any amount. However, contributions over $500 require you to fill out an Alaska Public Offices Commission form. The CDFU FishPAC will provide this form when you make your contribution.


You may contribute any amount. However, contributions are limited to 10% of all donations. Checks that are drawn from out of state banks are considered a Non-resident contribution. Donations over the 10% limit will be returned to contributors.

Campaign Disclosure Law : Required Information