Emergency Petitions

PWS Hatchery Emergency Petition #2 - May 16th 2018

KSRA and several other entities submitted this petition in response to the Board of Fisheries finding of no emergency.  The main difference between the two petitions is the use of Regulatory language brought up at the emergency hearing, the addition of Scientific articles not previously stated on the petition, and additional fishermen form the cook inlet areas signed on to this second submission. 

The board has 30 days from the submission date to respond and schedule an emergency hearing for this petition before the full authority falls back to the Department of Fish and Game who will be publishing their response to this new petition. 

PWS Hatchery Emergency Petition

This petition is asking for the Board of Fish to consider the management options for fisheries supported by hatchery pink salmon in the Prince William Sound in response to amendments made to PWS hatchery management plans to increase pink salmon production. This is an advance by sport and recreational fishing groups from the cook inlet area, the main leading organizations is the Kenai River Sportfishing Association. This petition was reviewed at the May 14th meeting  and there was no finding of emergency by a vote of 3-3.  No public comment was heard but there is a live audio feed here for the public to listen in. This issue will be brought up at the October 17-18th Board of Fisheries work session. CDFU is working with other organizations and the hatcheries on this issue.