Born and raised in Cordova, Alaska, Rachel grew up commercial fishing with her family on the Copper River Flats and in Prince William Sound. Her family participated in longline, gillnet, and salmon seine fisheries in Area E for over thirty years.

Rachel Kallander brings over a decade of experience in public relations, policy development and strategic communications to CDFU. Having served as professional staff in Congress, the Alaska State Legislature, and in leadership positions on several statewide political campaigns, Rachel is a seasoned operative in the business and policy development efforts that impact commercial fisheries at the state and federal levels.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Seattle University and and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington's School of Law where she focused on maritime, natural resource and human rights law. She is currently enrolled as a student with Harvard Business School's HBX program.

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Rachel is the Founder & Executive Director of the Arctic Encounter Symposium – the largest annual Arctic policy conference in the United States and official host of the single Arctic policy side conference in Paris, France during the 2015 UN Convention on Climate - COP21. Rachel’s drive to organize the Arctic Encounter was inspired by her belief that a balanced coexistence of development, the environment, and communities can and must co-exist. Much of this belief system was influenced by her lifestyle and experiences growing up in Cordova, commercial fishing, and observing the resilience of her hometown and region in the aftermath of the the Exxon Valdez oil spill. 

In November 2016, Rachel completed her role as Deputy Campaign Manager and Spokeswoman for U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski's victorious statewide re-election campaign in Alaska. She joined CDFU as Executive Director in December 2016. In this new role, Rachel engages in the public policy, communications, and advocacy arenas throughout Alaska, the State Legislature, and Washington, D.C. to best serve the interests of Area E fishermen and the health of our fisheries. 




Kelsey Appleton was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska. She spent her college years working summers in the office at Trident Seafoods, where she developed a fascination with the commercial fishing industry. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Fisheries and Economics, she took the role of Fishing Vessel Administrator for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company/SERVS, a contracted position held by CDFU. She has successfully managed 220 vessels and over 600 crew members through drills and biennial training for 6 years. Kelsey is often sent to other ports to train other FVA’s, and is continuously involved in projects regarding the Vessel of Opportunity program. In 2015, she was asked to help accept the Stewardship and Sustainability Award for the Vessel of Opportunity Program from the Alaska SeaLife Center. Over the last 6 years with CDFU, Kelsey has grown into the role of CDFU Office Manager, while also continuing to execute the SERVS contract. Kelsey wears several hats within the community, and has volunteered countless hours towards various community events. She has been on the board for the Chamber of Commerce for 4 years and has served as Vice President of the Iceworm Festival Board for 3 years.

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& program coordinator

Jocelyn recently moved to Cordova with her partner who serves in the U.S. Coast Guard. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science with a focus in Ecological Restoration and possesses a strong passion for fisheries and sustainability. Jocelyn has experience working with stakeholders and salmon management through her schooling in Northern California at Humboldt State University.  This included watershed management, wetland delineation and management, soil sampling and identification, water quality testing, studies of macro invertebrates for stream health, and vegetation studies in coastal riparian and prairie ecosystems. She is now pursuing a Teaching credential along with a joint Masters degree in Environmental policy and Urban/Residential planning. 

Jocelyn has worked with non-profits, Redwood National Park, Humboldt State Professors, private business members, and environmental consulting firms. She has spent over eight years in sales, customer service, and office administrative positions. In her current role at CDFU, Jocelyn is engaging in research related to the Board of Fisheries, state regulations, other legislative or management issues impacting Area E fisheries. 

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Amanda’s investment in our salmon environment is two-fold. In her career, she has spent years working with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in fisheries research and management, both in Prince William Sound and in the Yukon River region. Working in different capacities -from a technician in the field to a management biologist in the office- Amanda gained a broad perspective of fisheries in this great state. While much of her work involved inseason management, she also got to participate in Board of Fisheries and has insight into our state’s regulatory process. Outside of Fish and Game, Amanda also worked with the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association, where she got to write about wild salmon and work for fishermen to promote them. Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from WWU.

In her personal life, Amanda was raised in Cordova and now lives here with her husband (also a Cordova native) and two young sons. She actively teaches her children about our local natural environment, our subsistence food, and the importance of our fisheries economy. One of her greatest hopes is that we may preserve our beautiful and abundant home for generations to come.

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