Annual Educational Scholarship

Each year, Cordova District Fishermen United Provides three scholarship opportunities for individuals seeking to attend college, trade schools, or other forms of continued education to better themselves and their careers.  CDFU is able to host these scholarships through its educational scholarship fund.

2018 Scholarship application period is closed.

Applicants who are seeking further education in any fisheries/mechanic/marketing related field that fit one of the following Criteria's are eligible to apply:

- Current members of CDFU, and their immediate family

- High school graduates

- Currently enrolled students that have commercially fished in Area E.

Preference may be given to CDFU members (voting), their dependents and those applicants who have not been awarded a CDFU scholarship in the past.


Scholarship applicants will be competing for one of the three scholarships as follows:

1 x $2,000 award (Robert H. Blake Memorial Scholarship)

1 x $1,000 award (CDFU Award)

1 x $500 award (Steven R. Smith Memorial Scholarship)

 Questions? Please contact CDFU.