Business and Processor Renewal & Sign up

For over 82 years Cordova District Fishermen United has been dedicated to protecting, promoting and perpetuating our commercial fishing industry in Area E waters. It is our mission to serve and protect our regions fisheries, which is accomplished through countless hours of volunteer service and contributions by fishermen and business owners of the Prince William Sound impacted by the health of our fishing industry. 

Thank You to Our Business Members!

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Memberships to CDFU help us meet the costs associated with running our organization, fund our many programs and the Fishermen's memorial Fund. As a non-profit organization, we rely on memberships by individuals and businesses to continue the tradition of local support and advocacy to promote the preservation of our fisheries.

BUsiness members enjoy:

  • Advertising capabilities to over 500+ individuals via our newsletters, website, and social media when possible.

  • Direct links to your business landing page through our website.

  • A chance to network with CDFU members during our annual picnic.

  • Advocacy on local, state, and federal levels regarding important issues that may affect local business and industry.

  • Membership dues are a tax deductible business expense.

  • Access to our monthly newsletters, action alerts, and important topics affecting local businesses.  

CDFU is constantly involved in projects that benefit our entire community, most notably our Buoy Fund that establishes the "race track markers" every year to provide safe navigation to all vessels.  Business and processor memberships have the option to donate to projects like the Buoy Fund in addition to the level of membership chosen. All membership dues are tax deductible and CDFU will send out a letter at the end of the year for your records. 

We believe that continued contributions to our organization from businesses like yours will ensure our fishery stays strong well into the future. Your support enables us to continue our mission to promote, protect, and preserve the commercial fisheries of the Copper River Delta, Prince William Sound, and Northern waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Join CDFU today!