Bid Specifications Preview (more detail in bid packet)

Contractor will install stakes to mark the channel between Point Whitshed and Egg Island, and will place buoys between
the Steamboat and Pete Dahl channel (Racetrack) prior to the first commercial fishing periods of the 2016 & 2017
Copper River drift gillnet fishing seasons.

Stakes and buoys must remain in place for the duration of the commercial fishing season (approximately May 1 to October 15).

Latitude and longitude of each individual marker pole will be provided by the contractor to CDFU no later than May 10 of each year.
Additionally, the contractor must provide a map of the area with markers plotted for visual reference.  

For the successful bid, the contractor will be paid the flat rate per year as specified in the executed contract.

CDFU reserves the right to terminate the selected contract by way of two weeks written notice for failure to perform the terms of the
contract, poor performance, or if CDFU should no longer administer the staking contract.

CDFU shall not be held responsible for any injury or death resulting from the performance of this contract, and expects contractors
to practice the highest levels of safety at all times.