CDFU engagement on behalf of Area E fishermen.

Here at CDFU, it is our mission to preserve, promote and perpetuate the commercial fishing industry in Area E and to further promote safety at sea, legislation, conservation, management and general welfare for the mutual benefit of all our members. CDFU monitors and engages in all Board of Fisheries (BOF) meetings and emergency petitions that have an impact on Area E fisheries or the fishermen who operate and live in the port communities Prince William Sound. We aim to have strong representation and attendance at each of these meetings in order to advocate and testify on behalf of our region’s commercial fishing fleet and our Area fisheries. Visit our BOF Resource page to learn more about navigating these meetings and how you can get involved.


Statewide Finfish/Hatchery Committee Meetings

March 8th - 12th 2019

These meetings covered current hatchery research and related salmon studies, as well as Statewide Finfish proposals. In particular, Proposal 171, sought to remove historical use from allocation criteria, and changed the language in current criteria in a way that prioritized personal use fisheries over other fisheries in the state.

There was a statewide response to Proposal 171. CDFU worked with processors and other commercial fishing organizations to fund a breakout room at the Board of Fish meeting venue for fishermen and industry supporters to prepare testimony and work on record copies (RCs). CDFU is continually working to strengthen these partnerships, and we would like to extend our thanks to the following sponsors for their donations toward the meeting room expenses and coming together with a stronger unified voice at regulatory meeting

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Board of Fisheries Work Session

October 15-16th 2018

This meeting covered two Agenda Change Requests (ACRs). ACR1 was submitted by Kenai River Sport Fishing Association and ACR2 was submitted by Virgil Umphenour. Both ACRs specifically targeted Prince William Sound hatchery operations. Both Agenda Change Requests failed by a vote of 6-1 for ACR 1 and 5-2 for ACR 2.

At this meeting CDFU was able to confirm that the 2020 PWS/CR finfish meeting cycle will be held in Cordova.

KRSA- PWS Hatchery Emergency Petition Hearing Teleconference

May 16th 2018

This emergency meeting teleconference was called in response to the petition submitted by Kenai River Sportfishing Association. The board  reviewed the petition on May 14th and there was no finding of emergency by a vote of 3-3.  No public comment was heard. The board discussed the need to address this issue at the October 17-18th Board of Fisheries work session. After this meeting KRSA submitted a second petition referencing the materials stated in the initial hearing. On July 17th, the Board of Fisheries voted the second petition down and agreed to hold a hatchery committee meeting during the October work session.

Tsiu/Tsivat Rivers Closed Waters and Miscellaneous  Meeting

April 24th 2018

This Board meeting was called in response to letters and public comment asking for a reconsideration on a proposal that suggested markers on the Tsiu/Tsivat rivers be positioned further down stream. This proposal when passed with amendments then became an allocative issue which was not put through proper process and review. At the conclusion of this meeting the Board of Fisheries initial decision was reversed leaving boundary markers in their original positions prior to the proposals suggested location. 


Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp and Misc Shellfish
March 6-9th 2018

This board meeting cycle involved multiple user groups from Statewide regions covering issues on Dungeness crab, shrimp and Misc. shellfish. There was a total of nine proposals affecting the Prince William Sound commercial shrimp pot fishery. At the conclusion of the meeting eight of the nine commercial shrimp pot fishery proposals failed and one was withdrawn by the proposer. 

Southeast and Yakutat Finfish/Shellfish Meeting
January 11th–23rd 2018

This board meeting cycle involved multiple user groups from Southeast and Yakutat areas covering issues on herring management and King salmon management plans. CDFU submitted a letter of support to stand in solidarity with the many fisheries associations and commercial fishermen attending the Sitka meetings.

Prince William Sound Finfish Board of Fisheries Meeting

december 1-5, 2017 - Valdez Convention Center - Valdez, AK

This board meeting cycle involved all user groups in Prince William Sound and the Copper River covering issues ranging from area closures, allocation, and gear use specifications to Copper River management plans. 

- CDFU record comments submitted during the meeting are as follows and can be found using the button below:

 RC#'s 33 45 47 51 64 65 67 68 71         

- CDFU provided BOF resources created so that general membership had tools to understanding proposals and their potential to change regulation.